General Terms

”ACTO GmbH” stands for quality, efficiency and innovation in the development and production of products in the areas of disinfection, sterilization, hygiene and cosmetics. It is thanks to the highest quality standards, competitive pricing policy and the commitment of the entire team that ACTO GmbH has been able to increase its sales figures in all areas over the past few years. In addition to hygiene, disinfection, wound care, cleaning and cosmetic products, ACTO GmbH is also active in the sales and marketing of medical devices.

Since the company was founded in 1998 in Braunschweig (DE), additional locations have been added in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg (DE) as well as in Istanbul (TR). The ACTO GmbH is divided into two main departments: Production and Export.

All production steps are monitored by a team of experts, equipment and equipment are always state-of-the-art. Basic analyzes, such as efficacy or tolerability, are conducted exclusively by professional microbiologists and quality managers. All products are standardized according to GMP, CE-93/42 / EEC, ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015.

The products of ACTO GmbH are already available in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Close networking and individually coordinated cooperation with existing and future sales partners is particularly important, which is why export and marketing departments work hand in hand.

In marketing, ACTO GmbH relies on continuous training of its employees regarding the latest marketing strategies and methods as well as on a sophisticated business development process, which allows to gain new sales partners with targeted approaches and ideas.

Price & Quality 
ACTO GmbH prices are affordable compared to local market prices and due to market feasible study of each region, the fixing of lower prices is providing in local and international markets. The company gets constant help of hygiene experts, microbiologists, quality control personnel and chemists to test and report products’ quality standards constantly. Good Quality and Affordable Price is our goal.

Know-how & Experience
We specialized not only in the development and production of biocidal, cosmetic and medical products, but also in the development and production of wound care products. We always strive to improve our products, always using the latest ideas and techniques. So far, we have always been able to develop state-of-the-art technology for our products, which are already used in many countries.

ACTO’s Social Responsibility – Green ACTO 
The demand for cleaning and disinfection products also includes ecological factors. All our cleaning and disinfection products are eco-friendly. Environmentally harmful substances like phenol and aldehyde are not used in our products. In addition, the packaging materials are PVC-free and recyclable.

Insurance Policy
The purpose of ACTO is to expand its products all over the world under ACTO brand name. Our products are insured against defective products, incorrectly maintained equipment, improper machine handling – or any property damage and accidents to third parties that could result in claims for damages. The commercial general liability insurance provides assurance for occurrence bodily injury and product damage up to 3.000.000 €. The liability insurance provides assurance for the occurrence of financial loss up to 500.000 € valid for worldwide.